Navigating the house-buying process

Navigating the house-buying process can seem a daunting task. Income calculators, insurance, repayment or interest only are words we often find our clients might have read. But in the midst of viewings, paint swatches and solicitor fees, these words can seem daunting and get overlooked.

We’re proud of our reputation for first-class service and putting customers at ease. At A Miller Financial we understand the whole mortgage application process from start to finish. We know why it’s so important to our customers to have the same person at the end of the phone.

As part of an occasional feature on the blog, we’ll be checking in with a young couple who are at the start of their journey. Yes, navigating the house-buying process can be a bit of a rollercoaster. But we hope their shared experience will help you, too. Fingers crossed they’re in by Christmas!

So, meet Hannah and Jack. They’re making the transition from renting together to buying together. It’s been a big step and it’s taken a long time…

See how they navigate the mortgage application process, resolve their questions about income protection and prepare for the next milestone in their life – starting a family.

A big step…

1/09/17 We think we finally found The One. Not the cottage that I craved and not the massive apartment that Jack ‘couldn’t do without’, but something in between. It’s in a small development on the edge of Truro and the estate agent says it will hold its value. Feels special that no-one will have lived there before us.

Jack’s hassling me to call the bank and confirm the rate deal we spoke to them about when we started looking and did all our affordability checks. But I’m not so sure. A couple of my colleagues have recently fixed rates using an independent financial adviser in Truro . They said it was much easier than the bank – and quicker, too.

I might pop in to one of them at lunchtime tomorrow. There are quite a few on Lemon Street close to where I work. It would be nice to have someone local sorting this out for us. I know the bank has an 0345 number and all that, but it’s got to be easier to see someone face to face.

4/09/17 Found a lovely place just behind an estate agents at the bottom of Lemon Street. I checked them out on Facebook and the reviews are all really encouraging. I’ve made an appointment for Monday, I’ll let you know how I get on…

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